Experience Professionals in a Budding Marijuana Industry

After the 2016 election, recreational marijuana became legal in Nevada, and with that will come the influx of many new cannabis businesses and marijuana manufacturers. These new businesses will need marijuana marketing services, experts in both traditional and digital marketing fields.

MaJor Group is at the Center of a Growing Enterprise

Our mission

At MaJor Group, we believe in new, growing ventures and opportunities, including marijuana in Las Vegas. The marijuana industry growth has led us to take on the task of educating marijuana companies about the laws surrounding our industry and how to better expand their business.

Our team of recreational and medical marijuana consultants has worked in the cannabis industry and the traditional marketing field. We know the ins and outs of the marijuana market, and we’re here to help your business grow and evolve as the laws do.

Because this marijuana industry is so new, there are many things to learn and many things to perfect in your business model and marketing campaign. We want to be the gurus who help you be successful. Learn more about our Las Vegas marijuana marketing services.

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