The marijuana industry is growing. You’ll need to know the right ways to manage your company, and get the word out to your target audience. Learn more about the marijuana business consulting services offered at MaJor Group.

Marijuana Business Consulting

MaJor Group is home to marijuana professionals. We come from not only the marijuana industry but also a digital and traditional marketing industry. Our experience includes helping cannabis businesses learn the rules of the marijuana industry, in addition to adapting and evolving their business practices to keep up with changing standards. Our marijuana business consulting services will help improve many areas of your business model, including branding, market research, and more.

Traditional marketing

One of the main components of our marijuana consulting is to improve your marketing strategies. Marketing for marijuana manufacturers is a tricky subject, as it is still illegal to use in some states. Lucky for you, marijuana marketing is one of the things we know best. We’ll help you get word out about your cannabis business in the traditional realm, including print advertisements, promotions, billboards, flyers, and more.

Digital marketing

And because technology rules our world, we also have the tools to get your digital marketing campaign gaining speed. We can take a look at your earned media and give you the steps and resources to improve your web presence, social media profiles, and search engine rankings.

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The experts at MaJor Group are waiting for your call about marijuana consulting. Tell us a little about your cannabis business and we’ll give you the best and latest information on marijuana business consulting and marijuana marketing.