Before you start any type of digital marketing for your business, you first need to leverage your owned media. Optimizing your existing media pages and profiles work wonders to rank higher on search engines and reach a larger audience on the web. Consult with the experts at MaJor Group, and find out how your website, social media profiles, and directories can work to bring more traffic in your door.

What Is Owned Media?

owned mediaOwned media is your brand’s website, blog site, branded videos, or social channels that your audience is driven to. These allow your potential customers to interact directly with your business. Sophisticated brand and web development will help you stand out, reach a larger audience, and create more customers.

MaJor has an extensive team of designers and developers to craft the right website and owned media for your brand. We provide proven project plans and customized solutions for any owned media project.

MaJor Group will consult with you and help you with:

● Full-service brand development

● Site structure and functional design

● Content development aligned with brand guidelines

● Custom responsive website development

● Production site launch and basic SEO setup

● Ongoing web maintenance

Contact MaJor Group for More Information

If you would like more information on taking your marijuana marketing to the next level, contact the experts at MaJor Group. With optimized owned media, your cannabis company can reach even more of your target audience.