To reach more people, make more connections, and turn more of your audience into customers, you need to create a vast marketing strategy. This includes using various marketing methods that are both modern and traditional. Learn about affinity advertising and how it can work to bring more of your target audience to you.

What is Affinity Advertising?

Affinity advertising is often known by different names: loyalty marketing, partnership marketing, social influencer marketing, and even affiliate marketing.

affinity advertisingUtilizing a proper affinity marketing program with your marijuana business can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Essentially, you’re capitalizing on existing audiences to get your message out to more people. When it comes to online marketing, the power of an existing audience is second to none. Getting like-minded individuals to talk about you, your products, and your business can be one of the most positive ROI with your business. Affinity advertising in the marijuana industry is going to be essential to any brand, (established or upcoming), that needs to find its audience.

This budding industry is full of half-truths and perceived “experts.” The collective intelligence of the marijuana community about consumption, product types, and effects is going to take a quantum leap in the upcoming years with the availability of recreational marijuana. Making sure you’ve got access to the biggest and best audiences will ensure your business’s long-term success in the marijuana industry.

Countless Marketing Opportunities from MaJor Group

At MaJor Group, we’ll use your company culture, community alignments, and available technology to position your business with the best-aligned affinity, loyalty, and influencer partners. Contact us today to learn more.