In this digital age, modern marketing allows for countless opportunities to reach your target audience. MaJor Group believes that with today’s advertising platforms, marijuana businesses of any size can utilize (and get returns from) targeted display advertising. Learn more.

Why Targeted Display Advertising?

Itargeted display advertisingt’s a common misconception that display advertising is not appropriate for smaller businesses because it doesn’t perform on a smaller budget. However, when display ads motivate users to act immediately, it is just as likely to take the form of a search as an ad click. This shows that just because users are not clicking on the display ad does not necessarily mean that the ad is not directing users to your brand.

With data-driven targeting and retargeting abilities, display ads have become more effective and accurate in helping businesses of all sizes reach their target market. New real-time bidding technology has also made the ad buying process easier for smaller and less experienced ad buyers. In combination with search engine marketing, targeted display advertising can help you boost business by driving conversions.

Types of display ad targeting

Secondly, you need to decide which type of targeting will best help you reach your target customers. Targeting typically falls into two categories:

  • Inventory Targeting: This is when you place your ads on certain types of sites. This can include sites based on content (types of content your target market is interested in) or demographics (demographic groups that closely match your target audience).
  • User Targeting: These types of targeting help you reach specific users, including behavioral (reach customers with specific online interests and actions) and geographic (reaching customers in specific locations).

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